1987: I’ve started a little writing project

Selfie, JMN.

Selfie, JMN.

[Dear Mother,]

I’ve started a little writing project that I refer to as “Sketches” for now. I try to record or re-create things I hear and have heard from people at work. C** and N**, for example, are big talkers, and on the occasions I’ve ridden with one or the other for the day they have related various stories and anecdotes, or have expressed themselves on one topic or another. I enclose the three I’ve done, hoping you’re not offended by the scatological language or subject matter. Nothing has been invented by me, nor am I striving for any kind of embellishment. I’ll do it until my motivation peters out.



Kim, our receptionist, issued the most scathing indictment of an individual that I’ve heard for some time. The target was Jay L**, a tall, blonde IBM marketing rep who works the Victoria district.

Jay has a marketing degree from Pan American University, Edinburg, Texas. He’s a soon-to-be-not-eligible bachelor, his fiancée the daughter of a well-heeled Victoria family. He remarked to Kim that he would not normally have considered marrying a Victoria girl because such a girl could not be expected to fulfill his expectations as to culture and intelligence.

“He’s NOT wonderful,” Kim said.


Kim has an expressive upper body. When she talks, her shoulders go in several directions at once. The lower part of her body goes opposite.

I tried to imitate Kim today, but Nancy, the bookkeeper, said it just wasn’t convincing.

“I guess I don’t have the hormones,” I said.

Kim and Nancy giggled and acted scandalized.

“People’ve made fun of me all my life because I’m so expressive,” Kim said.

“You know what your problem is?” I said. “You’re effeminate.”

“What’s that mean?” Kim said.

“It means… it means you’re all woman,” I said.

“Well, I *thought* it had something to do with feminine,” Kim said.

[Correspondence, Copyright (c) 2018 James Mansfield Nichols. All rights reserved.]

About JMN

I live in Texas and devote much of my time to easel painting on an amateur basis. I stream a lot of music, mostly jazz, throughout the day. I like to read and memorize poetry.
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