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Display of my paintings and works by family.

“Life is complicated…”

“Life is complicated. It’s filled with nuance. It’s unsatisfying. If I believe in anything, it is doubt.” (Anthony Bourdain)

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I’d like to record how fruitless my multi-year meander in LinkedIn has proven. Full disclosure: I never sought employment on LinkedIn. My work history doesn’t define me — I’ve disliked most of my jobs. Why trot out a lackluster record … Continue reading

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One time I helped tend bar at a gala hosted by my father in the historic building that tripled as his studio, gallery, and dwelling. A man I knew by reputation, but not personally, appeared at my countertop and asked … Continue reading

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Some bloggers are restrained, self-deprecating, modest, understated; others write posts that are daring, obstreperous and filthily funny. I admire and enjoy both registers, and the gradations between. It’s hard to find my own voice, though, one that feels authentic. I’m … Continue reading

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“Go ahead, make my tea”

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The creepiness of the creepy

We become benumbed and resigned to it. Around 2011, it dawned on me that things I mentioned in personal emails, and the objects of my searches, would crop up in online advertisements. First I was mystified, then stupefied. My online … Continue reading

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“William James…”

“William James described consciousness as the “alternation of flights and perchings,” suggesting that we tend to overvalue the “perchings,” the nouns or the primary verbs in a sentence that steal the spotlight from the little words, like ‘in,’ ‘and,’ ‘but,’ … Continue reading

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