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My collected writings and those of family members.

Dear Mother… Charles

Charles Behlen gave me a copy of his “translation” of Arthur Rimbaud’s “Le bateau ivre” (The Drunken Boat). I put “translation” in quotes because Charles readily admits that his version derives from other English versions of the poem, since he … Continue reading

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“Sonnet: Day of a Salesman”

Sonnet: Day of a Salesman He spoke of where he had to go, greater doings, how and when; what he was for now he did not seem to know, knitting his brow often over it but none the wiser. He … Continue reading

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“Found Doggerel”

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Found Doggerel “The stock market has predicted nine of the last five recessions,” said a lawyer slicker than dear guts hanging from a doorknob. Christ, the narcissism of minor differences! No one is the suppository of all wisdom. His thrusting … Continue reading

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(Lizard on my patio, JMN, photo) In ‘09 I had congestive heart failure. Good medicine and doctoring fixed it. Over time my ejection fraction rebounded from fifteen (bad) to sixty (normal). Since ‘10 an appliance that looks like a Zippo … Continue reading

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What is a Southern writer?

(HJN Landscape, Oil on rawhide) “People can hardly help loving the hands that rocked their cradles or the landscapes that shaped their souls, but I doubt there’s a single writer in the South for whom life here isn’t a source … Continue reading

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This just in!

“In football, there’s a fine line between winning and losing. It’s football, and football is sometimes like that.” (Fernando Hierro, Spain’s coach, NYTimes)

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“Dinosaur Feathers!”

Dinosaur Feathers! A dinosaur with feathers? Well I’m sure! The spectacle’s more than I can endure. Next, mules are born with earrings, snakes have knees, And furry goldfish populate the seas. I can just as well believe those things As … Continue reading

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