Bodily Fluid Clean-up Kit

Victoria Advocate

Victoria Advocate.

The latest Food Service Inspection Report is published in my local newspaper, and it strikes chillingly close to home. “Moo Moo” is a decades-old fast-food joint specializing in fried chicken and burgers. Once a week, on “Wacky Wednesday,” you can get fried chicken for a dollar a piece, but limit is five pieces per person. Patrons are known to include orders for their infant babies to get around this constraint. Moo Moo is so close that when there’s a northerly breeze I can smell the frying from my patio. It’s not unpleasant, even though I don’t eat what they serve.

This hoary establishment is third on the report, with 21 demerits: Walk-in cooler ambient 45 degrees, chicken 44 degrees. 200+ bleach at bleach bucket. Need employee health and personal hygiene handbook. Need to label yellow bucket. Cannot have over-the-counter bug spray in the establishment. Need to fix leak at three-compartment sink and in the restroom. Need bodily fluid clean-up kit. Expired food handlers certificates. Do not cover shelves with cardboard.

I posted once about “bodily fluid clean-up kits” and promised a fellow blogger I’d report it if I found out what this much-mentioned item is. A friend who worked once in food service said it’s most likely a dedicated mop, bucket, and jug of bleach for the eventuality that a patron has an attack of food poisoning with explosive emissions. I can understand why a restaurant might downplay this possibility and neglect to plan for it. The inspectors are adamant, however.

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  1. Interesting that the details of food inspection reports get published in the local paper – and also, as I read the excerpt, yuck. In my area, restaurants get a green pass card to hang in the window, or a yellow conditional pass card (which always leaves us wondering what the problem is). Restaurants that fail the inspection can’t operate until the problems are resolved.

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