Another great strength of Chéri is its domestic accuracy, especially about the shifting sands between two people alone in a room, the vanity and careless cruelty, the weird dance between love and clarity – “You never laugh except unkindly – at people,” Léa tells Chéri, “and that makes you ugly”. There is also the way in which people behave, so often counterintuitively and according to urges they did not suspect they possessed.

(Aida Edemariam, “Wild, controversial and free: Colette, a life too big for film,” The Guardian, 1-7-19)

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4 Responses to Colette

  1. One I’d like to watch

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    • JMN says:

      Me too. I wonder if Keira Knightley fits the role? Somehow I envisage a more “Gallic-seeming” actor for it, but can’t think of a name.

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      • I wouldn’t say I was much of a fan of knightley’s, but i thought she looked a good choice seeing her in the trailer.

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      • JMN says:

        I thought I was more familiar with Knightley’s work, but a bit of Googling told me I’d only seen her in “Pirates of the Caribbean” (not my favorite franchise!). I think I confuse her with Natalie Portman. No matter — I’d love to see her in the Colette role. Haven’t seen the trailer myself.

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