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Horror of the Underseen

Violence and gore, revolting and horrific in real life, are revolting and banal in the movies. What’s horrifying is how hard it is to find good horror in entertainment. Edward Tew chainsaws cleanly through the halitosis: A lot of genre … Continue reading

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The Eye in Love

This review treats several films about gay female love. The reviewer is a film maker. Noteworthy for me is her emphasis on the ocular dimension of romantic attraction. The use of “one’s self” instead of “oneself” for the reflexive pronoun … Continue reading

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Little Endians, Big Endians

For me,… cinema was about revelation… It was about characters — the complexity of people and their contradictory and sometimes paradoxical natures… Many of the elements that define cinema as I know it are there in Marvel pictures. What’s not … Continue reading

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[“The existing Hollywood order, the current pop-cultural regime,”] is built, to an extent that would have been unfathomable even 20 years ago, on the commercial exploitation of what was once called “genre” entertainment — the comic-book movie especially, the Marvel … Continue reading

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Where Cate Sits

“My father was born in Texas. My mother is Australian. I’m married to a British citizen. So I sit in some weird fork in the road.” (Cate Blanchett, Stephen Colbert Show, 8-12-19)

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Tuba Career

As for what comes after the life-altering experience of “GLOW” — what will define her next persona — [Betty] Gilpin doesn’t know, but she has a hunch. “It feels like I’m in this room that I didn’t know existed, and … Continue reading

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TV America Breaks News

Talky talky head head, talky head, talky head. Heady heady talk talk, heady talk, heady talk. Talky head, talky head, screeny fully talky head. Heady talk, heady talk, fully screeny heady talk. Repeaty-peat, repeaty-peat, peat-peat, repeaty, Peat-repeaty peat-peat, peaty-peaty poot. … Continue reading

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Language As Landscape

“Deadwood” (HBO, 2004-2006) created by David Milch, repelled and astounded me when I caught it adventitiously in re-run several years ago. I couldn’t look away from it as I kept thinking, “What the hell is this? It’s amazing!” I told … Continue reading

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Parting Looks — Jack Moore

[Transcription] The Civil War battle scenes made in the oak forest on the Anita Baldwin ranch were made for stock use in any Civil War battle sequence for M.G.M. In the eighteen days of battle scenes on the “set” more … Continue reading

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Waters on Embracing the Infuriating

John Waters answers an interviewer’s question about the art he collects. “Besides liking the work, what guiding principles do you follow in collecting?” It has to sometimes, at first, make me angry. It has to delight me and surprise me … Continue reading

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