Onboarding HNWI’s in Hacked States


… Christopher Pierson… founded BlackCloak, a cybersecurity company for high-net-worth and high-profile individuals — executives, celebrities and billionaires. According to Mr. Pierson, few people take their digital lives as seriously as they should.

“The majority of clients we onboard come on in some kind of hacked state,” he told me. “Their computers are compromised or their login credentials are available on dark web. Their home camera systems are accessible to people on internet or their entire home and appliances are vulnerable and viewable by persons remotely.”

(Charlie Warzel, “Jeff Bezos’s Phone Hack Should Terrify Everyone,” NYTimes, 1-24-20)

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4 Responses to Onboarding HNWI’s in Hacked States

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    This is when it’s a blessing to be one of the little people nobody bothers with because it’s just not even remotely worth it.

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    • JMN says:

      I hear you. I guess this is when I can celebrate being an LPPB (low-profile poor bastard) not worth hacking!

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      • Eric Wayne says:

        I like to have two computers, and one of them that doesn’t even go on the internet. But even then, you have to go online for Paypal and banking. But in my case, I think it might cost more to hack me than anyone could possibly get out of it. It’s like arranging a hunting party to go after a squirrel.


  2. JMN says:

    That’s a good image — a hunting party for a squirrel!


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