“Laughter is breath…”

“Laughter is breath, it alters your being, and it allows you to move on, and keep living.” (Anna Mackmin, quoted by Patrick Barkham in The Guardian)

There’s so much to like in the blog world. As one finding his feet there, I count it an earnest obligation to sample ever more assiduously other persons’ work. To court attention one must pay attention.

I’m often grateful for the richness of a given post, while at the same time chafing ecstatically under its persevering momentum. “There’s more?” I murmur. And yes!

I’m fond of the Zen aphorism — how does it go? “A little bit is a lot, and more is an even greater amount.” With signature Zenny crypticism it hides a verity in its pouch.

Provisionally, I count on no more than a moment of a precious reader’s time for my own stuff. I have a phobia that, if I run on, he or she will run off.

Wait, wait! I’m almost done!

Working resolve: Try to write like a bar snack — briny, spare, stuffed with a tidy surprise, maybe anchovy.

(Copyright 2018 James Mansfield Nichols. All rights reserved.)

About JMN

I live in Texas and devote much of my time to easel painting on an amateur basis. I stream a lot of music, mostly jazz, throughout the day. I like to read and memorize poetry.
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