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gris guitar

Juan Gris, “Guitare sur une table,” from 1916, at Helly Nahmad. Credit via Helly Nahmad Gallery.

Octave-of-Following (OOF) state is the state in which a fretted note is the octave of the following open string.

This is true:

E-string-1 at Fret-7 is a B-note with OOF state re B-string-2

*B-string-2 at Fret-8 is a G-note with OOF state re G-string-3

G-string-3 at Fret-7 is a D-note with OOF state re D-string-4

D-string-4 at Fret-7 is an A-note with OOF state re A-string-5

A-string-5 at Fret-7 is an E-note with OOF state re E-string-6

*OOF state occurs at Fret-7 often enough to be useful for raising note consciousness. The exception is on B-string-2. The interval between G-string-3 and B-string-2 is the only interval that isn’t a Perfect-Fourth; it’s a Major-Third. Therefore, OOF state is a half-step higher at Fret-8.

And there you have it. It’s time now for Derived Octave-of-Following (DOOF) state — coming next.

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