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Lyrics Again

One of my playlists I call “aMix” is an eclectic selection of some 50 songs from various genres and periods. (There’s also a list called bMix.) This morning I heard Jacques Brel singing “Ne me quitte pas.” As the poignant … Continue reading

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Chrissie Hynde

Rock stars becoming painters remains one the most cliched career transitions in showbiz… Hynde has reservations about entering this gang. “I mean, who the fuck am I? There’s so many people who’ve been doing this all their lives and they … Continue reading

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Lineman’s Whine

(1) My love goes deeper than a Ditch Witch pokes, And higher than a cherry-picker soars. But I done caught you, darlin’, way ‘cross town Spendin’ my money in the Dollar Stores. (2) Baloney, rotgut wine, Chef Boyardee, Bags of … Continue reading

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“Glenn Gould’s Scribbles”

Those scribbles? That’s Glenn Gould, scratching on his sheet music as he recorded Bach’s “Goldberg” Variations in 1981. We reported this week on the newly rediscovered score, which offers some insights — barely legible ones — into Gould’s process and … Continue reading

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Since My Baby Left Me

Since my baby left me, I’ve found a place to dwell, at the end of Lonely Street in Heartbreak Hotel. I get so lonely, baby. I get so lonely. I get so lonely I could die. Elvis sang those words … Continue reading

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A little twirly birdie?

I stream my music from Spotify and Pandora, resorting to radio only when I’m in the car. My local station is Jack Radio. Its jaunty slogan, We play what we want, belies the wretched predictability of its fare, a trait … Continue reading

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“Emphasis on the Right Syllable”

[Neil Tennant is one half of The Pet Shop Boys, a long-running pop music duo (unknown to me) whose other half is Chris Lowe. At age 64, Tennant comes across In The Guardian interview as articulate, witty, and thoughtful in … Continue reading

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