Crooked Finger, Vodka, and Other Shebangs

Mr. Huang said the intent of his show was to explore the beauty in body parts that we don’t appreciate — a thesis that stemmed from his feeling of embarrassment about his crooked finger, which he said he always hides in public.

“The accessories used during the show were intended to be reflections of my own body features and perceptions of their enlarged proportions, which should be celebrated and embraced. They are not ugly features,” he said.

(Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, “F.I.T. Model Refuses to Wear ‘Clearly Racist’ Accessories,” NYTimes, 2-23-19)

… Regardless of where the virus comes from, he added, Russia has nothing to fear: “Two hundred grams of vodka will kill any virus.” (Russian Aleksandr Kozhin, who lives in Heihe, China, across the Amur River from Blagoveshchensk, Russia)

(Andrew Higgins, “On Russia-China Border, Life and Commerce Frozen by Coronavirus,” NYTimes, 2-24-20)

“What I’m not going to show is a guy, with one hand, just jacking it up in the air…” (Jeremy Flinn, of Stone Road Media marketing agency, referring to military-style rifles)

(Tiffany Hsu, “Gun Makers Battle ‘Trump Slump’ With a Softer Sales Pitch,” NYTimes, 2-23-20)

“I’m OK but I have diarrhoea.” (Said to be Warhol’s common answer to a routine “How are you?”)

(Kathyrn Hughes, “Warhol by Blake Gopnik review — sex, religion and overtaking Picasso,”, 2-22-20)

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3 Responses to Crooked Finger, Vodka, and Other Shebangs

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    OK, I need to remember to keep 200 grams of vodka on hand, and to add “but I have diarrhea” after saying I’m fine when asked. I’m sure I read formerly that Huang said he as using ugly body parts, perhaps for shock or contrast with other presumed beauty. But it sounds like he put together a pretty good alibi. We should all be proud of our plate-sized monkey ears.

    Inclusivity for marketing guns. I can’t wait for the ads.

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    • JMN says:

      It’s possible Mr. Huang, coming from a different culture, stumbled unawares into a connotative trainwreck, and the gringo honchos of the FIT were empty-suited flatfeet the whole way. I was struck by his reflex to hide a hideous finger in public. I wish fashion disasters on the runway were the worst thing we had to contend with.

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