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“Dancing Tango…”

“But what we fail to do in politics — harness our shared humanity — we do so easily in dance. We embrace the other. We take into account another person’s comfort, how our pace and pressure feel. We compromise to … Continue reading

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This just in!

The restaurant in the UK House of Parliament has changed the name of a classic British dessert known as “spotted dick”; henceforth it will be called “spotted richard.” (Eater, June 18, 2018) Spotted dick was featured in the cozy supper … Continue reading

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“The Rape of Dinah” (Genesis)

“If I were preaching the story of Dinah, I might simply ask, “How do you think she felt?” It’s a question that some men have never considered. Though some abusers are beyond the reach of compassion, I have in my … Continue reading

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On Marriage

“The crucial step… is the raw and willful decision each partner must make just to recommit. The relationship is strife-ridden. Every fiber of your body says to retreat to the safety of your foxhole. But you have to go against … Continue reading

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“Life is complicated…”

“Life is complicated. It’s filled with nuance. It’s unsatisfying. If I believe in anything, it is doubt.” (Anthony Bourdain)

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I’d like to record how fruitless my multi-year meander in LinkedIn has proven. Full disclosure: I never sought employment on LinkedIn. My work history doesn’t define me — I’ve disliked most of my jobs. Why trot out a lackluster record … Continue reading

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Whoa where?

— Whoa where? — Hurricane season is coming. Protect your liquor cabinet: Batten down the hooches! — Plural of “burnoose”: “burnooses” or “burneese”? — Drunk and Orderly — Thought thoroughly through. Tough though. — If you say baba ghanouj, I’ll … Continue reading

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