Jacob Blake, the Black resident of Kenosha, Wis., who was shot by a white police officer, is shackled to his hospital bed [my bolding]… [He] remains paralyzed from the waist down… The police were arresting Mr. Blake on Sunday afternoon when an officer shot him seven times… They have not said what charges he was facing… Mr. Blake’s injuries are severe, including damage to his bowels, shattered vertebrae and bullet fragments in his spinal cord. (“Live Updates…,” NYTimes, 8-28-20)

“But so I think, I think it would be, I think it would be very, very, I think we’d have a very, very solid, we would continue what we’re doing, we’d solidify what we’ve done, and we have other things on our plate that we want to get done.” — Trump, on his plans for a second term
(“Doonesbury Say What?”, 8-28-20)

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I live in Texas and devote much of my time to easel painting on an amateur basis. I stream a lot of music, mostly jazz, throughout the day. I like to read and memorize poetry.
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1 Response to Shackles

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    Not sure what your point here was exactly with your juxtaposition of quotes. Well, the implication is that in the first part, white supremacist cops are killing black men in the street for sport, because we live in a rotten, white supremacist nation. The second, by proximity, suggests that Trump should be addressing the evil white supremacy that permeates not only the police force as a whole, but the fabric of the entire country. Instead, clueless, he thinks he’ll continue as he was, as if there wasn’t an enormous problem with the racist white people, the patriarchy, capitalism, and the blight on this Earth that is western civilization, whiteness, the enlightenment, masculinity, heteronormativity, and so on…

    Meanwhile back in reality, whether Blake was charged or not is irrelevant to the reason he was shot by the police. There is only one reason, and it’s how he interacted with them after they were called to deal with a problem involving him. One of the worst mistakes one can make when dealing with the police is to fight with them. He’d allegedly put one of them in a headlock, and they’d tasered him twice. He got shot because he went into his car, and they logically thought he was reaching for a weapon. Same old story. Suspect refuses to show his hands, doesn’t listen, reaches for something, and the cops shoot out of fear. It has nothing to do with racism, and the same thing happens to white people, though the media doesn’t report those stories, even if they are more abundant.

    Why pretend it’s racism and white supremacy? What does that lie accomplish?


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