‘It’s Not Over Until It’s Celebrated’*

(Continued from https://ethicaldative.com/2021/09/15/le-coeur-a-ses-raisons-que-la-raison-ne-connait-point/)

*From the charter of the Rhipidistian Society.

The end of lunation 247.457627-12 matched about twenty douzains of the Old Reckoning. No one was quite sure how to label the new chronology, but it felt like more than a routine vibration in the cesium of Isthmia’s atomic clocks. The house of Huff Pugh Fuchs was entering an indeterminate decade of the Uncommon Era. That was what counted. Time kept passing successfully, and the duchy under the current Montmorency — number XIV — was stoked to celebrate itself.

The hallmark moment marked persistence: first, that of the Montmorencys in sitting their dynasty’s impotent throne; first, that of the Mamasutras in perpetuating efficient privilege; first, that of Isthmia Inc. in wresting perpetuity from the scoured barrens of a dead hemisphere; last, that of the ding warrens whose organs fed the transplant mills in the mansion district.

Normally, the prospects for a donor on an organ farm biding his date with Texas cologne when a recipient surfaced would have been humdrum. The donor about to be mentioned, however, was no ordinary ding. You recall the “Adopt a Ding” promotion mentioned several figments ago? Siddhartha Huff had duly chosen a random ding to coddle symbolically like the rest of his peers.

But rather than relinquish the juvenile to whatever his fate portended when the promo period expired, Sidd elected to stealthily groom his adoptee for a shocking purpose, one referenced glancingly heretofore, to be snatched from the shadows of allusion hereinafter. The upcoming Heritage Ball, designated the “Lunation Gala,” would prove to be more climactic than even this writer had supposed.

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I live in Texas and devote much of my time to easel painting on an amateur basis. I stream a lot of music, mostly jazz, throughout the day. I like to read and memorize poetry.
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