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Deluged So Few nor Dampened So Many

(Continued from https://ethicaldative.com/2021/06/14/news-of-the-incident-got-around-in-gob-circles/) Rigging walloped the Wisp isthmus with a vengeance. Rigs to melt permafrost for pus collection. Rigs to truck scoop to reservoirs. Rigs to tanker and pipe it to spillways and railheads. Rigs to salvage grounded and derailed … Continue reading

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News of the Incident Got Around in GOB Circles

(Continued from https://ethicaldative.com/2021/06/13/smegma-boom-of-the-2020s-in-the-wisp-isthmus/) Scientists converged on Exit 186 to examine the fluid that had preserved Fred’s effaced face. It turned out to be a highly extrapolated sublimate of West Texas light sweet crude. A massive tectonic blister of the stuff … Continue reading

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Smegma Boom of the 2020s in the Wisp Isthmus

(Continued from https://ethicaldative.com/2021/06/12/your-kingdom-has-dang-near-come/) Astrid was the fatherless child of a tool-pusher named Kirk Frick. Her core story is that she franchised her way out of puberty to merge with a founding partner of Huff Pugh Fuchs. We’ll develop Astrid Frick … Continue reading

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Your Kingdom Has Dang Near Come

(Continued from https://ethicaldative.com/2021/06/11/lets-imagine-you-successful/) You believe the nuttiness sickening the land could be flared off by a good fracking. For a guy who will sue the “bejeepers” out of someone if provoked, you’re oddly comfortable with the word “butthole.” You lead … Continue reading

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Let’s Imagine You Successful

(Continued from https://ethicaldative.com/2021/06/10/branded-figments/) Call you Todd. Or Rand, or Blake, or Trent, or Rock, or Chip. You don’t want just to make money; you want to invent money. You swing in and out of cocktail colloquies like a metropolitan Tarzan. … Continue reading

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Branded Figments!

Branded Figments is where the Nickster hangs his tout’s cap. His slogan is: Business can be laughable, and still be business. Are you unbranded or offbranded? Outgrown your brand? Hankering for bespoke? Talk to Nick Mansfield. Nick can leverage you … Continue reading

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More Jesus for Me

Reading this interview with Stephen Colbert gave my day a good start. … I work very hard not to proselytize. I would never want anybody to think I was trying to convince them of my point of view. Because, hey, … Continue reading

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