Is Brain Rack Journey or Destination?

Have you ever suspected people who “play devil’s advocate” are often expressing their actual opinions, but without having to take responsibility for them?

I worked in the tech industry a while. I should be more interested in ChatGPT. Why am I crouched against it? Stodginess? Instinct? Paranoia?

I’ve read Farhat Manjoo since he covered tech at Slate. He’s now at the New York Times, and is exploring how ChatGPT can be useful to the journalist.

It proves invaluable, he writes, “in digging up that perfect word or phrase you’re having trouble summoning… I’ve spent many painful minutes of my life scouring my mind for the right word. ChatGPT is making that problem a thing of the past.”

Here’s my devil’s advocate response, except it’s my real opinion: Isn’t the painful scouring of one’s mind for right words a fortifying activity in itself, like how a muscle needs exertion in order not to atrophy? Is our farming out of such mental activity to a machine not a further step down the slippery slope to early-onset senescence occasioned by cerebral decadence resulting from septic brain stasis?

On reliability: It’s known that ChatGPT can spout convincing bull along with good stuff. A colleague of Manjoo’s suggests giving it the same credence as to a “blabbermouth blowhard at a bar” who is three sheets to the wind. Sometimes he knows what he’s talking about. Figure out when.

Fine and dandy, but how often do you want to hang out with blabbermouth blowhards in bars?

(Farhat Manjoo, “ChatGPT Is Already Changing How I Do My Job,” New York Times, 4-21-23)

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5 Responses to Is Brain Rack Journey or Destination?

  1. chris ludke says:

    It could be many years before the AI can put words together like you can. The AI writes as dry as dirt and the images are still easy to tell from those made by a real artist with any skill.
    I think it makes people’s brains lazy too, in the same way that relying on GPS takes away your sense of direction and relying on something else takes away your ability to do any math etc.

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  2. Yes I agree it’s just laziness to rely on ChatGPT – and isn’t it actually plagiarism? Hmmm!

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    • JMN says:

      Seems iffy territory ethically, doesn’t it? I saw that Reddit wants to be paid for the content scraping that goes on to feed the chatbots. A lost cause, no doubt, but a sound principle. Thanks for this comment, Sue.

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