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If There’s a Heaven, It’s Parody

Your neologismic servant, a spastic parodic — or is it “parodian” —, speaks his title. For one crowning moment, the Gray Lady really was “fake news.” An October surprise, so to speak. In September 1978, a strike by pressmen had … Continue reading

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Fake Is Free

As my students often remind me, news tends to be behind paywalls, while fake news is free. (Laura Spinney, “Epidemics expert Jonathan Quick: ‘The worst-case scenario for coronavirus is likely,’” theguardian.com, 3-1-20) (c) 2020 JMN

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Precise, Forceful, Formal, Direct, Powerful

A letter to the NYTimes is signed by Roxana Robinson, former president of the Authors Guild, and 32 other writers. It exhorts The Times to “use precise and forceful language that reveals the struggle in which we now find ourselves.” … Continue reading

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When Is Kill Not “Over”?

The illustration made me read this essay by Michelle Goldberg (“Margaret Atwood’s Dystopia, and Ours,” NYTimes, 9-14-19). On first glance, the picture’s Dairy Queen Blizzard ™ of cartoon imagery made me grumpy. Whatever it purports to symbolize, I thought, this … Continue reading

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