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Finger Hut Follies

Mimsy and Chance Lafarge went to Cloudburst for the weekend to celebrate their tenth anniversary. Drove up in two cars with Dandi and Mitch Oddbocker and Shay and Rafe Bickford. Planned to split up on Saturday so Mimsy, Dandi, and … Continue reading

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Dear Mother… I visited

I visited with *** last night and we went over my translation, reading it against his published rendering. He was pleased to see no great errors, but saw places where he would like to change his version to match the … Continue reading

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Botticelli Deconstructed Hannah Gadsby on the “Birth of Venus.”

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“Vassar Pembroke Confronts the Spanish Language Teacher”

Vassar Pembroke Confronts the Spanish Language Teacher Vassar Pembroke busts his chops, Spits her mind with no preamble, Says his teaching method flops According to her daughter Campbell. “Campbell says she’s not inspired. You do not motivate her much. Your … Continue reading

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“Shed Down By the River” Continued

Two other things that impressed me: (2) Among my peers at the Facultad de Filosofia y Letras in Barcelona, the “pandilla” was the organizing social unit — congenial, urbane, catholic, benign, excluding neither the ill-favored nor the studious nor the … Continue reading

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Jonathan Gold

“I’m not a cultural anthropologist,” he once said. “I write about taco stands and fancy French restaurants to try to get people less afraid of their neighbors and to live in their entire city instead of sticking to their one … Continue reading

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Arturo Rodríguez, Mexican immigrant, master mason, arch builder, craftsman, sweet tenor, husband, friend. Told one of the best jokes I know. Its punchline: … No le hagas caso a ese caballo, no sabe nada de mecánica. Copyright (c) 2018 James … Continue reading

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