Pouncing on “Pounded”

Many conservatives have gleefully pounded on Project Veritas’s disclosures, including one particularly influential voice: Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son.

The gist of this article is that Project Veritas works for conservatives against liberals. I surmise that the writers may have intended “pounced” instead of “pounded.” Gleefully pounding on an organization that benefits you seems odd. Gleefully pouncing on its disclosures would convey embracing them with enthusiasm, which the context invites.

… According to internal Project Veritas emails, where the language of the group’s leaders is marbled with spy jargon.

“Marbled” — like a Wagyu ribeye, with veins of fat! I might have written “peppered,” but “marbled” holds its own and is less predictable. I savor this appealingly novel turn of phrase.

(Quotations from Mark Mazzetti and Adam Goldman, “Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups,” NYTimes, 3-7-20)

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1 Response to Pouncing on “Pounded”

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    I’m guessing “pounded” was a typo. When do people every say “pounded on”? Yikes, I just did a search for “pounded on”, and it’s mostly porn, as in “pounded on a table”.

    On a side note, I’m not comfortable with the terms “liberal” and “conservative” anymore. Nowadays it’s the “liberals” that are censoring art and present themselves as the moral authority. When I was growing up it was the religious right that was doing all the finger wagging, moralizing, and was no fun. Now the left has no sense of humor.


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