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Mistakes Were Made

I’m haunted by that sentence in Lincoln’s second inaugural: “And the war came.” (David Brooks, “The Racial Reckoning Comes,” NYTimes, 6-6-19) David Brooks is well haunted. Lincoln could make words punch above their weight. His mastery lends killing clout to … Continue reading

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Vindication of Stuttering

The battle with speech impediment can equip persons like Darcey Steinke with fascinating insights into language. It was around this time [in elementary school] that I started separating the alphabet into good letters, V as well as M, and bad … Continue reading

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Where I live I have not encountered in recent memory an American who knows, or wants to know, French. Roger Cohen’s encomium to the language and culture is touching. It’s poignant to share French love with another outsider. To be … Continue reading

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