Horror of the Underseen

Violence and gore, revolting and horrific in real life, are revolting and banal in the movies. What’s horrifying is how hard it is to find good horror in entertainment. Edward Tew chainsaws cleanly through the halitosis:

A lot of genre film-makers lazily assume that violence and gore will scare people the most but it never seems to work that way. Atmosphere, dread and the power of suggestion are much more disturbing and this underseen movie deftly uses all three to palm-sweating effect. It feels grounded in reality by refusing to go over the top.

“Creep” is a 2014 film from Blumhouse with Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass. It’s on Netflix in the U.S. and UK.

(Edward Tew, “My streaming gem: why you should watch Creep,” theguardian.com, 6-8-20)

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