¡Salve, Profesor!

I connected me and a dot out of the blue last night. A bouncy man I remember only as “Dr. Rubio” who taught the Latin class of my cohort at the University of Barcelona cropped up in a scholarly note:

En la compulsación del texto de la primera edición me han ayudado don Gabriel Oliver y don Francisco Rico Manrique; para la interpretación de los versos latinos de los capítulos XI y XXXVI he recurrido a la valiosa ayuda de los profesores don Lisardo Rubio, don Sebastián Mariner y don Juan Bastardas. A todos ellos mi cordial agradecimiento.

(Martín de Riquer, “Miguel de Cervantes, Obras Completas, I, Don Quijote de la Mancha, seguido del Quijote de Avellaneda, Edición, introducción y notas de Martín de Riquer, Editorial Planeta, Barcelona, 1962, pág. CI)

“In the collation of the text of the first edition [of the Avellaneda “Quijote”] don Gabriel Oliver and don Francisco Rico Manrique have assisted me; for the interpretation of the Latin verses of chapters XI and XXXVI I’ve had recourse to the invaluable assistance of professors don Lisardo Rubio, don Sebastián Mariner and don Juan Bastardas. My cordial thanks to all of them.” (My translation)

Lisardo Rubio Fernández, redoubtable Latinist, lived from 1915 to 2006. He was born in Narayola, district of Camponaraya, in El Bierzo, province of León. He held the chair of Latin philology at the University of Barcelona and afterwards at the Complutense University of Madrid until retiring in 1985. Eminent among his translations are “The Golden Ass” of Apuleius and “The Satyricon” of Petronius. (Wikipedia)

¡Salve, Doctor! Much respect from the sole gringo in your class. Descanse en paz.

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