Breaking New Wind: Distributed Afterlife

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The genius of DA was that it confected an airy patristic doxology for mundane organ inventory management. It was like how the old painters draped their boring martyrs in sumptuous satins. The symbolism of one liver and two kidneys blew new gas into the number “three.” The scripture preached as follows:

1. You are but a a paltry pixel on the Book of InstaFace. 2. Verily, however, pieces of you inside a trio (or foursome) of effulgent Influencers will make you part of their Big Picture. 3. And you will be a multiplied pinpoint of oneness with their slenderness and glowing skin! (‘Magnificat of Prismatic Multiplication,’ I, 1-3)

It was a slippery pitch, but it slotted comfortably into faith-based cerebration. U N2 3R4 (“you into 3 or 4”) meme-swamped the platforms and the campaign went legendary.

Historical note: The R4 heresy sprouted when cornea transplants became common. Sect-wars flared over whether coordination implied disjunction (a theological fallacy), whether the meme should be R5 (contended by the split-cornealists), how many decayed protons fit in a pixel, etc. etc. Eventually the schismatics were placated and shrugged off.

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