Rochelle Feinstein: ‘I Don’t Want to Make Work That’s Beautiful’

For “Sad Framed” (2021), Feinstein layered black acrylic paint onto the canvas with a foam brush, evoking veils of mourning. “The situation in America is just untenable,” she said. “I don’t remember this level of misery, lack of care and injustice.” Credit… Hannah Yoon.

By the time [Rochelle Feinstein] arrived at Pratt, she knew she wanted to make art — an awareness inspired in large part by reading Marguerite Yourcenar’s 1951 “Memoirs of Hadrian,” a fictionalized autobiography of the Roman emperor. “I realized that painting was part of history”… She requires only two things from art: “I need to learn, and I need to feel. I want to learn something about where I am in this world, at this moment.”

From left: Part of the diptych “Abstract Vibes” (2021); “Endpapers I” (2021); and “Upcycles” (2021). Credit… Hannah Yoon.

When you start a new piece, where do you begin?
With language, usually.
How do you know when you’re done?
There’s nothing left to do.

Tests for recent works hang on the studio wall. “I never know in the beginning where something is going but when I get to the middle, I can kind of see where the end might be,” Feinstein said. Credit… Hannah Yoon.

(Rose Courteau, “Rochelle Feinstein Makes Work That Is Purposefully Hard to Define,” NYTimes, 1-29-22)

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  1. Interesting work – and philosophy. Thank you for educating me!

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