Breaking: Poetry in the Air?

Working head of state one day, gone the next. Sic transit gloria. An adoring contingent of Great Britain has lately felt its feelings in splendid public fashion for a queen whose reign exceeded average life expectancy in most of the world.

Shed of mourning now, the kingdom is abuzz over something known as the quasi-quatrain and a mysterious “physical event” connected to it.

We who closely follow prosodic events in the UK are keen to know more about a thing conjecture dictates plausibly to be some cuadri-partite stanzaic verse scheme, formally crippled by design, perhaps, in the manner of the Spanish pie quebrado, or “broken foot,” conceivably an epic form for singing exploits of the elderly new monarch, easily supposed to have been culled from some ancient manuscript lodged in a rustic chapel nestled in the Pennines, and which ostensibly is garnering excited comment on this auspicious dawning of the second Carolean epoch.

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I live in Texas and devote much of my time to easel painting on an amateur basis. I stream a lot of music, mostly jazz, throughout the day. I like to read and memorize poetry.
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4 Responses to Breaking: Poetry in the Air?

  1. Jim you are the first to inform me that it’s the second Carolean epoch! I am much obliged. We just hope that Australia will now finally throw off the British shackles and become a republic of sorts!

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    • JMN says:

      Hah! I’m honored to be your messenger, Sue. I pick up these tidbits on LBC, the London talk radio station I frequent. I would have thought “Carolingian” would be chosen since Charlemagne was a Charles. Fair play to Australia in its bid to bid adieu to Commonwealth status. Here, with Fox News, and in the UK, with his tabloid empire, our need is to free ourselves from the reign of Rupert Murdoch! 🙂 I presume his megaphone is loud where you are as well?

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      • Rupert Murdoch is awful – and he was an Australian which makes us very ashamed. His control over the media has had a terrible effect on Australian politics. It’s interesting to look at New Zealand where he doesn’t have a presence and see how much more civilised they are.

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      • JMN says:

        I’ve often marveled at how the Murdoch empire globalized itself beyond its native land. Wealth is the premier trans-national institution and a dominantly reactionary, entrenched power-prop, it seems. I suppose New Zealand isn’t enough of a financial hub to have attracted them? I doff my cap every morning to that country when I consume my kiwi fruit. (I grant that it’s a pricey indulgence!) Money and fossil fuels have been natural allies: coal in Australia, petroleum in the U.S. (end eminently Texas). Their extraction concentrates wealth in the hands of a few. That never ends well.


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