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Ladies and gentlemen (grant me this antiquated mode of address), we have much in common. We all have nipples. We all have equivalencies of kit in our genital wheelhouses. There’s a comical, often derisory cliché of the (rare) male striving to get, or be, in touch with his female side. There’s not a respectable female analog to it (I mean the cliché, not the reality) — i.e., the woman reaching into and connecting with her maleness — that I’m aware of.

Since creation, a lot of men have been abusive, murderous jackasses, often depriving the female half of humanity of agency, respect and self-realized fulfillment. I harbor suspicion that the snowballing nonbinary movement has been lent great momentum by accumulated disgust with self-serving, presumptuous, undeserved, enervating, theocratic male domination.

The nonbinary is an exclusionary mode, however. What about a “bilateral” alternative? Neither-male-nor-female could segue into Both-male-and-female, neither-ism not giving way to, but rather making way for, both-erism. On a personal note, I’ve always felt I have some woman in me and, like Binx Bolling, I seek the company of women. I embrace being somewhat of a bundle without putting dukes up about it. One grows into who one is, a nurture-minded father hen who keeps an orderly house.

Taxonomically, my doctrine of bilateral-ism versus nonbinary-ism may not be bullet-proof. I hear objection that “both” still implies only two. Some may insist that gender transcends arithmetic, that it’s infinitely multiple, that it occupies a sliding scale of finely nuanced gradation, or an idealized spectrum in which the colors meld one into the next without distinct boundaries. This position has metaphysical and visionary appeal; it’s dogmatically seductive and theoretically elegant.

I concede that bilateral-ism does make an implicit appeal to a bias founded in physical biology, which is that nature as we know it seems to produce in first instance (note how I hedge) only two versions of ourselves, with exceptional cases of the two combined. I contend, however, that both-erism as a mindset does not preclude a polylateralist mindset — call it all-erism. No problem; it’s a distinction without a difference for the moment, but it moves us closer to a sunny upland of positivity for which we, short only the apposite pronoun, badly long.

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I live in Texas and devote much of my time to easel painting on an amateur basis. I stream a lot of music, mostly jazz, throughout the day. I like to read and memorize poetry.
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