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A Pause to Reflect About Blogging

In several postings I’ve tapped a vein of old correspondence to my mother that describes events I forgot ever happened and thoughts I forgot I ever had. It’s a bit like clinically examining an earlier version of yourself preserved in … Continue reading

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William Faulkner Loved Mysteries

Faulkner rarely discussed his love of mysteries, perhaps considering them lowbrow, but he seemed to understand their importance to his writing. A friend recalled visiting a library with him, so Faulkner could “exchange a stack of mystery stories for a … Continue reading

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Luminous Calligraphy from “DeviantArt”

I had a fruitful exchange with a fellow blogger about incorporating alphabets into pictures — not an original idea of mine, of course. But it made me locate some images I had saved from several years ago. These are from … Continue reading

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Cecily Brown: Saying More Than One Thing at Once

“I wanted to make the painting that New York deserves right now,” she said. “It’s such a bloody awful time in so many ways. At the same time, New York is having one of its richest moments in history for … Continue reading

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Getting Recognition

Once, when asked about discrimination against female artists, the Abstract Expressionist Lee Krasner said the bias was as old as Judeo-Christian history. Brushing aside the weight of that realization, she added, “There’s nothing I can do about those 5,000 years.” … Continue reading

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“Ears Wide Open” Nice little video about traveling on sound, suppressing text to enhance the experience.

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1987: There are two “topics” on my mind…

[Dear Mother,] There are two “topics” on my mind. One results from watching the C-Span show where people call in from all over the country, usually to a group of journalists. I’ve seen it twice in the last several days; … Continue reading

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