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Cecily Brown: Saying More Than One Thing at Once

“I wanted to make the painting that New York deserves right now,” she said. “It’s such a bloody awful time in so many ways. At the same time, New York is having one of its richest moments in history for … Continue reading

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Getting Recognition

Once, when asked about discrimination against female artists, the Abstract Expressionist Lee Krasner said the bias was as old as Judeo-Christian history. Brushing aside the weight of that realization, she added, “There’s nothing I can do about those 5,000 years.” … Continue reading

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“Ears Wide Open” Nice little video about traveling on sound, suppressing text to enhance the experience.

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1987: There are two “topics” on my mind…

[Dear Mother,] There are two “topics” on my mind. One results from watching the C-Span show where people call in from all over the country, usually to a group of journalists. I’ve seen it twice in the last several days; … Continue reading

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How It Goes

Governor Nimati said that disaster in the Baghlan-e-Markazi district was averted last week only after the American military sent Special Forces troops to fight alongside Afghan commandos, backed up by airstrikes. But as soon as the Americans and the commandos … Continue reading

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Help Wanted

I count ninety-six pieces of J.S. Bach’s “Das Wohltemperirte Klavier” (The Well-tempered Clavier — does “tempered” mean “tuned”?). I don’t know if ninety-six is the canonical count. I may have miscounted. I purchased the recording from iTunes some years ago … Continue reading

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In Praise of Tongues

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You Have to Break an Egg to… You Know the Rest

It’s a cruel trick the Fates play on this hapless heathen, but the odds are just as sure as shootin’ that on the rare day I make a three-egg omelet the THIRD egg will have a double yolk! <picture here … Continue reading

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Liberties Taken

I want to think out loud about how poetry works, but without being too scrupulous about terminology. It just slows me down to try to re-research what the proper name for everything is. For a specimen I want to take … Continue reading

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