Guide by the Perplexed — Triad Tirade

fretboard diagrams explained


“A triad is a simultaneous combination of three notes.”

(Ralph Denyer, “The Guitar Handbook,” Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2006)

The introductory sentence to the “Triads” section of this useful guide distracts me from triads.

I’m drawn off the mark worrying how a simultaneous combination of notes distinguishes itself from a mere combination of notes.

You can play a triad simultaneously — all three notes sounding at once — by plucking or pinching the strings appropriately; you can also arpeggiate a triad so that each note follows upon the other, sounding in more or less rapid succesion. Either way it’s no less a
combination, so what does simultaneous add?

This is the sort of question that GBTP strives to protect you from.

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