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I live in Texas and devote much of my time to easel painting on an amateur basis. I stream a lot of music, mostly jazz, throughout the day. I like to read and memorize poetry.

Branded Figments!

Branded Figments is where the Nickster hangs his tout’s cap. His slogan is: Business can be laughable, and still be business. Are you unbranded or offbranded? Outgrown your brand? Hankering for bespoke? Talk to Nick Mansfield. Nick can leverage you … Continue reading

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‘Lamento de mujer — En la muerte de un poeta’

[Translator’s note: The blog of Andrés Cifuentes, Eco Social… Ojo Crítico, led me to this tender sonnet by Francisco Álvarez Hidalgo. To my naive ear the cadence of iambic pentameter has an affinity with Señor Álvarez’s hendecasyllables. I apologize for … Continue reading

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The Voice

Thomas Hardy and his first wife Emma had long been estranged when she died in 1912: her death prompted a series of poems which are viewed as being … The Voice This wonderful music by Thomas Hardy sends tremors. The … Continue reading

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Travesía (12)

Versión castellana del poema “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” (1856) de Walt WhitmanEnglish text at http://www.poetryfoundation.orgSpanish Interpretation by JMN [Translator’s note: The whole of part 8 follows. The poem has 9 parts.] (8)Ah, what can ever be more stately and admirable to … Continue reading

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‘Inclusive Writing’

The French controversy over “inclusive writing” has surfaced.* Cole Stangler, “France Is Becoming More Like America. It’s Terrible,” NYTimes, 6-2-21.Annabelle Timsit, “The Push to Make French Gender-Neutral,”, 11-24-17. Here are examples that have been cited: les musicien·ne·s (the musicians)les … Continue reading

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Adoration of the Cat

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A hoary plot line of melodrama reduces the hero and heroine to dire straits; they’ve tried everything in their power to escape doom; the soundtrack crescendos in a minor key. “Pray,” he says. “It’s in God’s hands. Only a miracle … Continue reading

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Exponential Obscurity Rectified*

*Scruple dictates that I confess to having added to the fog of blather by blatantly erring in my attempt to run the numbers in the original post. A bright lad has shown me the light, and the revised numbers do … Continue reading

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Shows and Prose

Along comes more NYTimes torqued and taut art talk of the sort that sweeps me up. … Several gorgeous self-portraits made toward the end of his life. Their precision is astonishing… It’s clear that what most interested Ellis about ink … Continue reading

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Sparring With Blushes

“My English is chaste, and all licentious passages are left in the obscurity of a learned language.” (Edward Gibbon) In the Middle Ages, several women poets of Arab Spain (al-Andalus) were known for their erotic and satiric verses composed with … Continue reading

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‘A Fisherman Holds Up a Trout He Caught’

El hijo de su madre has stumbled upon an El Dorado of found poetry in the “Outdoors” fishing column of a local newspaper. Bink Grimes’s lavish rundown of the piscatory scene pulses with staccato verve, inside lingo, and riptide granularity. … Continue reading

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