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Fretwork: Positions

(1) Positions refer to the left hand (on a right-handed guitarist). The left hand is the hand that fingers notes and chords on the fretboard. (2) The following is from Wikipedia: In the left hand, each finger is responsible for … Continue reading

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Fretwork: Guitar String Numbering

(1) Conventional numbering for guitar strings is from high to low. In standard tuning the strings are numbered: E = 1 B = 2 G = 3 D = 4 A = 5 E = 6 (2) Guitar tuning, on … Continue reading

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I’ve been introduced by a friend to two good bands. One is the Wave Pictures from Wymeswold, England near Loughborough in Leicestershire. For persons unfamiliar with Anglo-Celtic phonetic toponymy, Wymeswold is pronounced Maudlin, Loughborough is pronounced Chumley, and Leicestershire is pronounced Leicestershire. … Continue reading

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Study suggests wood type has little effect on guitars’ sound

According to many musicians, in order to have the best sound possible, an acoustic guitar has to be made from the “right” type of wood. Unfortunately, such wood often comes from endangered, unsustainably-harvested trees. A new study, however, suggests that … Continue reading

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