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Hugs, Not Slugs. Now Bugs!

Hugging is the perfect symbol for Mr. López Obrador’s tropical populism. It portrays him as a warm man of the pueblo in contrast with the cold technocrats of what he calls “the mafia of power.” His slogan for trying to … Continue reading

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Feminized Heroes

Images of historic persons have been depicted recently in novel ways by artists in Mexico and in Canada. Both cases have a gender-fluid slant; the contrast in public reaction in each country is notable. Emiliano Zapata, betrayed and killed in … Continue reading

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The tenangos, as the embroidered pieces are called, have evolved into richly detailed works reaching a worldwide market. Tenango embroidery is made by the indigenous Otomí community in the Mexican state of Hidalgo, whose main town is Tenango de Doria. … Continue reading

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