Word of Thanks

A glance tells me this blog started in April 2018. This is April 2021. An anniversary month invites breaking the fourth wall for a moment.

Brokenly, the endeavor here is twofold: (1) to practice writing; (2) to practice translating.

I try to air punchy aperçus on few themes in choice words. Translating poems helps me give them a closer reading than otherwise I would.

Implicit in all this, however, is a craving to be noticed — Look what I’ve done! — otherwise, why press the “Publish” button?

I cherish your notice, thank you for it, invite more going forward, and will try to reciprocate.

(c) 2021 JMN

About JMN

I live in Texas and devote much of my time to easel painting on an amateur basis. I stream a lot of music, mostly jazz, throughout the day. I like to read and memorize poetry.
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2 Responses to Word of Thanks

  1. Congrats on your third year! Wishing you many more years to come, and that’s a great piece of art you shared too. Keep on keeping on!

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    • JMN says:

      That’s a generous and cordial comment you make and I’m much obliged for it. Seems to me a tenet of blogging is to follow oneself truly where he goes and to play the long game for the being noticed part. Thanks for the encouragement. (Your tag line “I write stuff” is inspired. I wish I’d thought of it first!)


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