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Along comes more NYTimes torqued and taut art talk of the sort that sweeps me up.

Darrel Ellis, “Untitled (Self-Portrait),” circa 1990-91, ink and wash on paper.
Credit… Darrel Ellis Estate and Candice Madey.

… Several gorgeous self-portraits made toward the end of his life. Their precision is astonishing… It’s clear that what most interested Ellis about ink was the tones it offered, from glittering black to smokey gray. WILL HEINRICH

Kunle Martins’s “SoiL,” from 2021, graphite and charcoal on found cardboard. Credit… Kunle Martins, Bortolami and 56 Henry; Kristian Laudrup.

… Delicate graphite and charcoal portraits of friends, often on found cardboard, creating an intimate assembly of a downtown demimonde… Tender evocations, attentive but unidealized, like an especially faithful frottage, or a Tom of Finland given a cold shower. MAX LAKIN

Keltie Ferris’s “s=t=r=e=a=m=s” (2020-21), oil and vinyl paint on canvas in the artist’s frame. Credit… Keltie Ferris.

Ferris’s paean to the transportive possibilities offered by drawing… showcases how a sense of movement can be conveyed through artistic restraint. Rejecting a hard disciplinary line between drawing and painting, Ferris revels in that more exhilarating space that emerges between mediums, which allows instinct and intuition to take the lead. TAUSIF NOOR

(“5 Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now,” NYTimes, 5-20-21)

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