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Parting Looks — Buck Schiwetz

Edward Muegge “Buck” Schiwetz (1898-1984), born in Cuero, Texas. (c) 2019 JMN

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Parting Looks

This inadvertently comical drawing by Harold J. Nichols (1924-2013) has a vigor and intensity that I find seductive. It has the top-of-head deficit common amongst us untrained drawers. The brain fools the eye somehow. I think it discounts what’s above … Continue reading

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“Islands of Daring”

Any drawings that are “like letters of a foreign language” would get my attention. This is so with the drawings of Susan Hefuna. … Susan Hefuna makes ink drawings inspired by the intricate wooden screens of her Cairo childhood… done … Continue reading

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“Splendidly Cagey”

Work by Klee always gives me a boost. I also enjoy the critic’s sprightly accounting of it, which I excerpt here. … David Zwirner [Gallery] has nabbed a heavyweight: Paul Klee, the splendidly cagey Swiss-German modernist and Bauhaus professor. … … Continue reading

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“Nulla dies sine linea”

I see almost daily in the work of fellow bloggers luminous evidence of the play of eye and hand across a surface with some object — pen, crayon, brush, mouse — that leaves expressive marks. Laura Cumming, art critic for … Continue reading

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“Ars longa, vittles brevis”

  “My goal is to keep drawing forever, to get to all the restaurants in New York,” [John Donohue] said. It’s a silly goal, perhaps, but what goal isn’t? It’s cheap, it gets him outside (as opposed to eating in … Continue reading

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“Keeping Busy”

I remember … what my teacher said [about a tree study]. “Your tree is beautiful, Sarah, but I don’t know what an art director is going to do with that tree.” No matter, no mind. I was on my own … Continue reading

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